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New Zealand Hitchhiker

My plan, even before coming to the New Zealand, had the whole way, only traveled by hitchhiking. It is not only Tim (I met her in Borneo and he gave me so many helpful tips for tripping to New Zealand, many thanks for this again) told me it was very cool and easy to put down New Zealand, but other travelers have experienced that same thing in Australia said. That's why I really wanted to hitchhike in the first ... But after some very poor attempts to hitchhike on North Island, and I almost gave up. Many people are skeptical, but eventually find an excuse to stop when they see a hitchhiker on the road. The car is full, oh, it's too late or argument would be more honest not really, because it is not easy to trust strangers.

Some simply ignore, and which are clearly in the least interested in helping out others said. Well, that's very understandable. With the exception of the last, people need to evaluate their lives. Connor and I were hitchhiking, while we did our tour of the world. As in a safe place for a sign is to be arrested plenty of room for the person, not too much of a speed limit, the people friendly and helpful, and voila! She was the most interesting, sometimes better, and to travel and connect with the country of your choice. And you can go visiting pages to know more about hitchhiking.

I would not recommend it to all over the world, but I'm personally in Hawaii, Australia (including Tasmania) and New Zealand and found nothing, but do not want people to help a friendly conversation or a wish. But what do you know about all the murders of news hitchhiker? Well, think about it ... is usually the hitchhiker, the risk is by using a machine that is not white, not the driver. Another thing to think, the tragedies, which have hitchhiker news of his adventurous nature, it is worthy of news.
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