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Saint Martins Island: A Beautiful Coral Island

Saint Martins Island, a small island in the northeast part of the Bay of Bengal, is the southernmost part of Bangladesh. The island is about 9 km south of the Cox's Bazar-Teknaf peninsula. The island is popularly known as Saint Martins Island around the country and outside Bangladesh. However, the local name of the island is Narikel Jinjira. The abundance on coconut (local name: Narikel) is the reason behind such name. 

Saint Martins Island is almost flat and is 3.6 meter above the sea level. The 9.66 km wide channel between the mainland and the island is much shallower than the open sea southwest of the island.

There are reefs from 10-15 km to the west-northwest. In Saint Martins Island, you will find the beautiful coral reef and long coral beach and lots of coconut trees.

Saint Martins Island is one of the most famous tourist places in Bangladesh. The coral island is so beautiful that the tourists can easily get amazed. Spending a night or two in this exciting island would be a great experience. 
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