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Easter Island - A Mysterious Island in Chile

Easter Island is a mysterious island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. It is is an island of volcanic rock at the southeastern-most point of the Polynesian Triangle. Easter Island is best known for the giant stone monoliths, known as Moai. It is one of the most isolated islands in the world as the island is over 2,000 miles from the nearest population center. 

Easter Island has long been the subject of curiosity and speculation because of the massive statues which surround the island. There are 887 extant monumental statues scattered in the tiny island of 163 square kilometers. Built between 1110 and 1680 AD, the Maoi statues were created by the early Rapanui people. These beautiful statues are said to have been built out of respect for the elders and deceased of tribes on the island.

Easter Island in Chile is an extremely remote island and one of the world's most famous yet least visited archaeological sites. The monuments in the Easter Island are some of the most incredible ancient relics ever discovered. However, the reasons behind carving giant statues out of volcanic rock are still unknown.      
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