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Travel Tips: Getting Most out of your India Trip

India is known for unity in diversity and each state in India has its own distinct culture, language, traditions and food habits vary from place to place. In this vast country there are  many religions, sects and beliefs many ethnic groups, over 1,650 spoken languages, dialects, regional variations—a land of myriad tongues—numerous modes of apparel and countless mannerisms. For the most part, the continental size of the country accounts for the variations and diversities. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you are travelling to India.

Decide on which place to visit in India. India is a vast country and tourists may be intersted in doing a boat trip in kashmir to visiting the  known for the variety it offers. Decide on the place to land and build your itinerary accordingly.

Most Tourist Spots will have separate lines for foreigners. At most places there are different prices for foreigners even if there are not different lines.

Drink Sterilised water with sealed caps.This is critical for traveling India and avoiding any infections

Always carry an ID be it a passport or drivers license.

If you are planning for a budget trip, opt for homestays. these are the equivalent of bed and breakfasts in europe and can be a good avenue to experience some local culture as well. You can book homestays by phone or email. In my experience, phone was easier. They simply take the reservation without asking for a credit card. 

Check your room befor you opt to stay in a hotel and confirm the price. 

Auto Rickshaws  are much cheaper than taxis they easily accommodate up to three people plus luggage and help you save money.

If you are travelling by train and wants a taxi from railway station, ask for a prepaid counter. The same is there in most stations and aiports and will help you save money lost through exorbitant rates.

If you want toilet paper, carry it with you at all times. There are no guarantees that it will be in any bathroom in India.

Dont buy the first time and always keep a tab in prices and products offered so that you can go back if you want. You will save a lot of money if you are patient with your shopping.
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