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Beautiful Places And Colorful Landscapes - Part I

Discover the beauty of the planet. Here is a breathtaking collection of landscape photos from all around the world. I love pictures of beautiful places and landscapes and I collect amazing pictures of natural scenery. And I like to share my favorite pictures with everyone. Here I'm sharing a collection of some amazingly beautiful pictures of some awesome places around the world. The pictures are real and I hope you will love to see these beautiful images.

Beautiful snow covered scenery of a road in the state of Alaska, United States.

Look at the unbelievably beautiful waterfall and the blue water in the lake. Would you like to swim in the water?

The world famous Victoria Waterfalls of Africa. It's one of the largest waterfall in the world. The Victoria Waterfall is situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This is the aerial view of the famous Galle Fort. It's located in the city of Galle in southern part Sri Lanka. The fort is said to be built nearly 500 years ago and amazingly the fort is still intact and one of the world heritage sites.

The snow covered mountain and the blue sky. Have a look at the scenery in the horizon!

Mosel river in Germany and the island in the middle. What a beautiful scenery!

This one is rather a simple scenery and yet great. The green trees on both sides of the road made it a scene to watch.

In this photograph you see sheep grazing in a green pasture in English and Welsh border. It's an amazing scenery with blue sky.

 Part of Paris city as seen from the famous Eiffel Tower. There are so many old buildings and most of them are more than a hundred years old.

Look at this amazing glacier canyon picture. What a beautiful scenery!
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