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The Lau Archipelago, Fiji - Unspoiled Natural Beauty

Two hundred miles east of Fiji's main island, the Lau Archipelago is spectacular and remote. In this incredible group of islands, both the sunsets and the sunrises are a beauty. The attractions here are spectacular unspoiled scenery, a rich undersea environment ripe for exploration, and villages that still honor the old Fijian ways.

The Lau Archipelago or the Lau Group of Islands of Fiji are situated in the southern Pacific Ocean. It consists of about one hundred islands and islets. But only about thirty of these islands are inhabited. The Lau Archipelago covers a land area of 188 square miles. Most of the northern islands of the Lau Archipelago are high islands of volcanic origin. But the southern islands are mostly carbonate low islands.

This is a collection of over fifty atolls and islands that possess the ability to attract tourists from the mainland and all over world. However, you probably won’t see much gathering of tourists in this place because it is certainly not one of the few first picks of the general tourists. But those who make it are rewarded with a mind-blowing array of marine life and a gentle, carefree vibe. If you go there you can be sure of witnessing mind-blowing beauty of nature and the carefree marine life’s vibes that can change your way of viewing the life.

The Lau Group of Islands where traditional Fiji still exists isolated from the march of modernization. Here there are no hotels, bars, restaurants, dive shops, banks or tourist shops. Technology is not good there and you will probably have no network coverage there. But the place itself is so close to nature that you won’t probably ask for such gadget’s use.
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